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GRANT R. PHILIPS Children's Author
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Grant R. Philips

Star Bright Books

Fall 2004

Geared toward readers 8-12


Summary:  You're a healthy twelve-year-old, carefree and prone to dreaming.  Youre the star pitcher for your baseball team and you hit the winning homerun against your cross-town rivals.  You revel in the cheering, the applause, the atmosphere.   But after the game, you become sick.  Rushed to the hospital and stuck with needles, poked and prodded, your world spins out of control.  When you awake, you are deaf and your dreams crumble.       


The middle grade novel, SOUNDS OF SILENCE, shows how Mark Tanner deals with his deafness and comes to terms with his grief and anger and lost dreams.  Mark is forced to leave his comfortable home, and adapt to life away from his family.  He needs to relearn how to communicate and function without his hearing, while beset by the normal anxieties of a teenage boybullies, girls, and fitting in.  


(While growing up, one of the author's best friend's had both parents and a brother that were deaf.  Since then the author has been fascinated with sign language and Deaf Culture. During his research, he worked closely with the Rochester School for the Deaf (RSD), meeting with teachers, students, administrators and the school psychologist.  He also worked with deaf college professor, and author, Harry Lang, from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).  With so many deaf people in the Rochester, New York area, it makes the city home to one of the largest deaf communities in the country.)


Grant R. Philips

Illustrator: Dustin Evans

Quiet Storm Publishing

April  2005

Geared toward readers 8-12 years old


Summary:  Notorious prankster, Adam Packer, gets in trouble when a paper bag explodes, covering teachers and the school principal in shaving cream. Determined to prove he was framed, Adam hires student private investigator, Jay Walker to clear his name.




Grant R. Philips

Quiet Storm Publishing

October 2005

Geared toward readers 12-18  years old (Young Adult Novel)


Summary:  Louis Delbonos father has died, forcing him and his mother to move from a big house in a rich area to a rent-controlled apartment.  He must now attend the first year of high school in a town where he does not know anyone.   Immediately butting heads with the captain of the football team, Louis chooses to befriend a deviant group of kids bent on feuding with the jocks, until a dangerous prank costs the quarterback to lose the use of his legs. 



Grant R. Philips

Illustrator:  Dustin Evans

Quiet Storm Publisher

April 2006

Geared toward readers 6-12 years old


Summary:  Normally, getting a substitute teacher is every student's dream.  When Jay Walker arrives at school he strongly suspects that his substitute teacher is a fugitive, wanted by police.   It is up to Walker and his partner-sleuth, Martha Martin, to investigate.  But their investigation makes the substitute teacher suspicious.  In a race against time, Walker and Martin must uncover and reveal the substitute's true identity before the substitute catches them ...