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Important Links
GRANT R. PHILIPS Children's Author
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Please find important links to publishers, review sites and other web sites the author frequently visits.

Quiet Storm Publishing:  Publisher of Philips' JAY WALKER Mystery series.
Port Town Publishing:  Publisher of Philips' KING GAUTHIER chapter book.
Star Bright Books:  Publisher of Philips' SOUNDS OF SILENCE.
The Jay Walker Web Site:  Jay Walker has his own website!  Stop by and see what he is up to!
The Health Association:  This is where Philips takes American Sign Language classes.
Rochester School for the Deaf:  This is the actual school that Philips based his middle grade novel, SOUNDS OF SILENCE, on.
Dustin Evans:  This is the website to the talented illustrator who worked on the images in the JAY WALKER Mystery series.
Vivian Vande Velde:  VVV is the multiple award-winning author of more than 22 books geared toward middle and young adult readers.  She is also a friend of mine.  She is a wonderfully talented writer, but more than that, she is a sweet lady with a supportive family.
Lakeshore Community Church:  A church for people who don't like church, dedicated to making church enjoyable and meaningful.
Jennifer B. Jones:  Jennifer is the author of the funny, upbeat novels The (Short) Story of My Life and Dear Mrs. Ryan, You're Ruing My Life, geared for readers 7-12 years old!  Check out her website and read her humorous books!
Sign Language:  This is an amazing site.  Click on any word and see how to say the word using sign language.
American Society For Deaf Children:  ASDC is a tax exempt organization furthering the Services of the International Association of Parents of the Deaf.
Mattie Stepanek:  This amazing 13 year old (7/17/1990 - 6/22/2004) battled a rare disease known as Dysautonomic Mitochondrial Myopathy.  He wrote award winning poetry.  He and his books have been featured on top talk shows like, Oprah. His poetry is an inspiration.  If you do not own any of his books, I suggest getting one!