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GRANT R. PHILIPS Children's Author
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Below are some reviews and endorsement blurbs for books by GRANT R. PHILIPS...


"This story is a fast paced fantasy that keeps the reader turning pages till the exciting ending!  I absolutely loved this story!  I just wish it had been longer.  I really liked Dustin, his friends and his father.  It was easy to get into from the very first page and it was really hard to put down when I had to do chores.  I highly recommend this book to everyone!  Great book!" -- Nathaniel Adams (age 11), All About Murder Reviews (5 Dagger Review)


"King Gauthier and the Little Dragon Slayer is a well written story that is also thought provoking.  It is so exciting to the very end, that readers will be unable to put it down until they finish it.  Young Dustins adventure will remain an unforgettable account of bravery and determination that should be an inspiration to us all.  Grant R. Philips manages to touch our hearts and the readers can feel vividly the thrill of adventure and change of emotions throughout the plot." -- Liana Metal, Midwest Book Review


"The dragon is a popular character that isn't often found in childrens' books anymore. King Gauthier and the Little Dragon Slayer is a delightful tale about the real hero inside all of us, a story that inspires children and adults of all ages to reach inside themselves to discover the true hero inside." -- Linda Gillette, 1st & 2nd grade teacher, English Village Elementary


"In this delightful tale the children find out that in being brave, you must also have wisdom.  Do they conquer the fearful dragon? Does Dustin become a Knight?  You'll have to read this tale to find out.  A good storyline with a great moral lesson.   I believe your children will enjoy this read, and if you are reading it to them, I believe you will end it with a smile.  Recommended!" -- Shirley Johnson, Denises Pieces


(Note:  Though this book was published in September 2003 by Port Town Publishing, the author wrote the manuscript in 1992.)

JAY WALKER:  The Case of the Missing Action Figure

"I truly enjoyed reading this book. It was captivating and kept your interest. Philips did a great job introducing the characters and scenes with just enough information to keep your attention: yet, he didnt bore you with too many details. I think this book will appeal to all kids, but especially the young men looking for a good read."--Pam Bless, Round Table Reviews


"Grant R. Philips fantastic mystery for children is a well thought out story that has a few twists thrown in to satisfy avid mystery fans.  The great thing about the main character is that he doesnt have a photographic memory or superior intellect; hes just a bright kid who wants to help his friends with their problems.  Philips has done a masterful job of creating likeable, interesting characters with a fast moving plot.  I look forward to discussing this book with my FIRST book group, as well as further installments to the Jay Walker mystery series."--Dorothy Distefano, FIRST (Families Invited to Read and Share Together) Founder/Facilitator


"A great book for children.  It is well plotted and lets the reader use their mind to explore the clues and suspects. Not only entertaining but a wonderful way to let young people use their imagination constructively and perhaps solve the mystery for themselves.  I loved the book.  I recommend it highly."--Louise Riveiro-Mitchell, Book Review Cafe

Look for more reviews in the near future!


"This heart-warming coming-of-age story will resonate with many deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, as well as their hearing families and friends. It is both a realistic and an upbeat account of how one young man confronts his sudden deafness and in doing so, realizes that it need not keep him from attaining his dreams."-- I. King Jordan, President, Gallaudet University


"This inspirational novel beautifully represents how the family support, the resilience of youth, and the universal languages of love and friendship can help overcome any obstacle.  Mr. Philips does a superb job of illustrating the beauty of two cultures and how we are all better by embracing diversity."-- Harold Mowl, Jr. PhD, Superintendent, Rochester School for the Deaf


"A positive story about meeting a special life challenge."-- Jeanne Griffin, Deaf Friends International


"Philips has a likeable rhythm/pace in his writing style.  Where you are in your own deaf experience will shade the meaning of the book for you. Some might say that Mark only lost his hearing, he didnt become deaf. Their experience with hearing loss will invite different interpretations of Marks journey. Mark does appear to easily join deafness but Philips introduces enough ambiguity about this new chosen identity to keep us wanting to learn more of Marks journey after the book ends."-- Max Wilhite, American Society for Deaf Children

(More reviews to come).